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  • Chair Yoga
    9 videos  |  Buy $43.50

    Chair Yoga

    9 videos  |  Buy $43.50

    Welcome to Chair Yoga for Strength, Stamina & Flexibility. ~Where we have fun as you get moving and strengthening again! Read on for all details!

    Course Details:

    I'm Sadie Nardini, one of the world's top Chair Yoga online course creators. I'm also an anatomy expert, and I know how to get you ...

  • 21 Day Core Strength Transformer Yoga

    21 videos  |  Buy $49

    Here’s How To Transform Your Whole Body & Core Strength In Less Time With Better Yoga!


    Here in this course you’ll get 11 Core Strength Transformer Yoga Flow Classes—creative, exciting, body re-shaping and stress-busting yoga sequences, AND 10 Core Strength Restoring Rituals —med...

  • Make 6 Figures While You Sleep

    43 videos  |  Buy $49

    Learn how to make passive income creating and selling online courses.


    Online courses are an incredible source of online income, and you can make them yourself, with a smart phone, a few inexpensive pieces of equipment, and the right content.

    Then you will make money ...

  • Rock Your Social Media!

    30 videos  |  Buy $49

    It's so crucial to be online if you want to attract more clients, yet most people waste time, energy, and money using the power of social media ineffectively.

    I know because I wasted all of these for a few years until I developed this social media blueprint and became one of the world's top-se...