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Empath Energy Boundary Meditation

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Quick Core Strength Amplifying Meditation

Magic Meditations – 3m 29s

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  • Empath Energy Boundary Meditation

    Create A Boundary Against Incoming Energies For Sensitive People! Empaths and healers can use this quick and easy meditation to keep yourselves grounded, balanced and clear!

  • Third Eye & Crown Chakra Cleanse Magi...

    This Meditation Provides Spiritual Protection, Deeper Meditation + A Higher Chakra Energy Cleanse!
    Helpful (optional) items to have:
    *Mugwort stick for smudging
    *Selenite stone
    *A Candle
    The Mantras OM and HUM are used for this one!

  • Creativity "Fire Igniter" Breath Medi...

    Here's How To Light Up Your Core Inspiration & Creativity, Fast! Join me for a breath and mudra power meditation to amp up your core, intention, and ignite your creative passions again!