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Members Section

A Welcome & Orientation For All New Members. Watch This Section First!

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Members Section
  • How To Breathe In Yoga and Yoga Shred Classes

    "How should I breathe?" Is a question I get often from yoga and fitness students. Well, there are a few answers to that--and you'll have them all by the end of this video! Let me know what you think--and remember to B R E A T H E ! ♥️

  • Members Welcome Video

    Welcome to the Fit & Fierce Club! Here's what you need to know!

    For Refund Policy & Disclaimer click the link below:

  • Members Discount: Deeper-Dive Courses and Pro Trainings

    Here's how to get your Member discounts on all my deeper-dive courses & teacher trainings!

    On your desktop or internet browsers click on the FFC MEMBERS VIP PROMO CODE FOR 50% OFF ALL COURSES here in the members section to see the Promo Code and then go to for...

  • FFC App Users

    All the information about your free Fit & Fierce Club App! Get your app by clicking the icon for your device on the homepage at --and enjoy the special features!


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    For members of The Fit & Fierce Club with Sadie Nardini! VIP Promo Code!