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Popular This Month

Popular Fit & Fierce Club videos for this month!

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Popular This Month
  • Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow 15 Mins

    Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow 15 Mins ~ Good morning! This sweetly fierce practice will help give you the benefits of a longer class in just 15 minutes. Get ready to gain instant energy, support your detox, and dissolve "the fuzz"-- muscle stiffness and connective tissue knitting that can happen over...

  • Total Tune Up Shred

    This Shred will tune and tone your whole body incredibly in just 30 mins. Optional to take up the challenge level: wrist and ankle weights! Let's rock this!

  • 22 Min Down & Dirty Shred for Cardio Core & Glutes

    This Shred is short and....not so sweet! hehe. But it is fierce! 22 minutes will give you the whole-body fitness and strength of a much longer workout. That's the beauty of this yoga + HIIT style! Optional: grab 2 yoga blocks and kettlebells or hand/wrist weights if you have them --and let's beg...

  • Yoga For Hormonal Balance (Peri, Menopause, Thyroid, Adrenals)

    If your hormones are out of balance because of stress, menopause, or any other reason, this slow flow and restorative yoga practice will support your balance and healing of the entire endocrine system (hormones) and beyond!

  • Strong Core Open Heart Meditation

  • How To Breathe In Yoga and Yoga Shred Classes

    "How should I breathe?" Is a question I get often from yoga and fitness students. Well, there are a few answers to that--and you'll have them all by the end of this video! Let me know what you think--and remember to B R E A T H E ! ♥️

  • Quick Yoga Shred® Class for: Whole Body + Arms, Abs, Glutes & Cardio! (20 Mins)

    🔥 Get ready to rock your body--and your arms, and core, and booty--and cardio to the next level, in just a few minutes! 🔥 I used my Bala Bangles on wrists and ankles for this workout: www.BalaBangles.com - highly recommended! They're chic and comfy and they make a big difference in your challenge...

  • Kettlebell Yoga Shred® Whole Body Flow!

    Take Your Yoga Shreds to the next long, lean, muscle-sculpting level with some added light weights like Kettlebells (1-5lbs), light hand weights, cans of soup--whatever you've got.

  • Functional Yoga Flow: All Hip Strength & Stretch!

    Open your hips and find your bliss with this yoga flow class that warms, and guides you to deep flexibility in and around your hips! It's delicious!

  • Slow Flow Booty Blaster Hip Opening Yoga Shred®

    A little more challenging, but modifications given for strong beginners and up, this flow is a blend of yoga poses and repetitive High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) movements that will quickly build a beautiful booty, as you tone your entire body.

    Get ready for a slow, delicious--and ver...

  • 40 Minute Super Sun Salutation Heart Open Core Strength Flow

  • 30 Min Whittle Your Middle Yoga Shred

    This Yoga Shred® Yoga + HIIT workout targets the side abs and arms. It rocks!

    I recommend: Have a yoga block and a blanket nearby.

    And get ready to flow and work your arms, side abs, whole core, outer and inner thighs. This is your side and inner body line, and you will gain so much stabi...

  • Soul Fuel Bath Meditation

  • The 3 Step Physics Of A Truly Open Heart

    A Fierce Motivation—and some fun meditation or journaling homework —on the Physics Of Heart-Opening.

  • 26 Min Yoga Shred Empowerment Flow

    This workout will tone and strengthen your whole body even as it instantly empowers you, unblock your core strength/truth and your voice, and help you express yourself clearly and dynamically to the world--whether through singing, teaching, chanting, or talking and making agreements with all you...

  • 24 Min Core Strength Empowerment Yoga Flow

    This is Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, a style I created for ANY style / level yoga student or teacher to enhance the anatomy + joint safety of your practice, so you can get stronger and more flexible, centered, grounded, core-centered and free--all with far less strain.

    Here we focus on whole b...

  • 25 Min Yoga Shred Asana Kicking Metabolism Booster Flow

    This is a Yoga Shred® flow, a style I designed to kick your asana, or whole body sculpting, and even your regular yoga or fitness practice into high gear. You'll burn more fat and calories, lift and tune up your muscles and get deep anti-aging DNA repair as if you've worked out for 2-4 HOURS--in ...

  • Whole Body Reshaper Yoga Shred for Weight Loss + Cardio

    Get ready to rock your whole body into shape with yoga flow + HIIT Training moves. Today has Hands-free variations for the Burpees, so you can get in your fitness and cardio without impacting the wrists/elbows/shoulders.

  • The Calorie Carnage Rescue Yoga Flow

    A Yoga Flow To Burn Calories And Raise Your Metabolism Fast After Times Of Excess!

    Welcome to the mat and to this fun and fierce yoga flow that will heat you up, burn calories, and strengthen, tone and stretch you like a much longer class. Thanks, Science!

    This is Core Strength Vinyasa Yo...

  • Waist Trainer Yoga Shred® for Obliques & Whole Body Trim

    Here's a challenging flow* with yoga stretches interspersed with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) moves for better cardio and faster defined muscle strength. We focus on side body balances and flexibility!

    *Modifications given for beginners or those with joint issues.

    This is a Yog...

  • 28 Min Lean Body Yoga Shred® Flow

    This is a Yoga Shred® flow, a style I designed to kick your asana, increase your whole body sculpting, and even your regular yoga or fitness practice into high gear. You'll burn more fat and calories, lift and tune up your muscles and get deep anti-aging DNA repair as if you've worked out for 2-4...


    Day 1: The Four Foundations Flow

    Let’s set the groundwork for all your movement to come!

    Main Points:

    As you move into this journey toward total body core strength with me, it’s important not to do things the same old way. And as an anatomy of yoga movement expert—I can tell you there ...