Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Welcome to Chair Yoga for Strength, Stamina & Flexibility. ~Where we have fun as you get moving and strengthening again! Read on for all details!

Course Details:

I'm Sadie Nardini, one of the world's top Chair Yoga online course creators. I'm also an anatomy expert, and I know how to get you moving and strengthening, opening and feeling good in your body again--safely!

This course is for anyone who wants a true gentle practice that also challenges you at times to increase your balance, stability, muscle tone and range of motion.

There are 8 Sessions, all under 20 minutes each, but they work better to transform you than many longer classes would! That's because you move properly using gravity and your body weight in ways that activate more muscles at once--and support your joints and body to open up more effortlessly.

Sessions Include:
Session 1: Grounding + Leg Strength & Stretch
Session 2: Balance + Lower Body & Hip Tone
Session 3: Core Strength + Low Back Reset
Session 4: Twists + Whole Body Cleansing
Session 5: Stronger Glutes + Low Body Stretch
Session 6: Hip Opening & Balancing + Cardio
Session 7: Whole Chest Freeing + Strength
Session 8: Arm, Neck & Shoulder Strength + Flexibility

How To Do The Course: One At A Time!

I encourage you to start with Session 1, and do it 3-5 times in the first week, before moving onto the next / Session 2. They build in intensity and flexibility so do them in order and don't skip ahead!

Week 1: Session 1 (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)
Week 2: Session 2. Same schedule.
...until you've conquered Week 8!

After you're done, and even right away--I think you'll look and feel amazing, and see changes you may never have thought possible.

We do all the movements in and around a chair, but if you're chair-bound, you can do most everything here--I always give modifications for both levels.

You can go at your own pace, make the movements more or less challenging, depending on your needs--and work up to more in time. I want you to use these sessions for a long time, and track your progress and victories as you go.

Props Needed:

Truly, all you need to do these sessions is a chair that allows you to move around freely (A corner of a sturdy bench, bed, stool or other seat will do) BUT in order to make this work, this seat should have your thighs parallel to the floor with your feet firmly planted down, as in the photo and video here.

This will keep you in great alignment and engage you in all the right ways while keeping your joints safe.

Other Props:

I strongly suggest you get your hands on 4 things that will improve your experience here.

NOTE: I want you to begin even if you don't have all of these, and get them as you go.

They are optional, but helpful:

* A yoga mat on a hard floor, not carpet is preferred. Put your chair on the mat to keep your feet and chair from slipping, although if you have bare feet on carpet or a hard floor, and a chair that doesn't overly move, you should be fine. We don't want any falls!

I suggest a Jade or Manduka yoga mat, but they have pretty good ones at Whole Foods, Target, etc.

* A yoga block. You can also use a sturdy cushion or something else---it just needs to fit between your feet when your feet are at hip distance like I'm sitting in the chair in this video. This block is to press into while doing poses and to lift the floor to you to help a few of your flexibility poses work even better.

* A yoga strap--although a scarf, bathrobe tie or necktie will do pretty well.This will help you a LOT with some of the arm flexibility and leg stretches.

* A small Yoga Tune Up ball, or a tennis ball. Your feet will love a daily massage from this, and we do it together during the sessions.

Most of all, try all the Sessions, don't give up, do what you can, rest or move in your own creative ways when you can't access something, but I think you'll find that overall this will be an inspiring, empowering and re-invigorating journey together.

Can't wait to see you there!

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