Hypnosis Chakra Cleanse

Hypnosis Chakra Cleanse

10 Days From Imagining to Doing...

Here's how to transform your subconscious mind to support your conscious goals, and rock confidence in whatever role you play in your life and career.

From Sadie: This is a course I produced because Thea is a rockstar who is also a meditation expert, yoga nidra teacher and hypnotherapist. Get her course if you want a relaxing, clearing and centering audio journey you can listen to whenever you want.
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In this 10-day course, you will tap into the creative manifesting spaces of your subconscious mind through innovative and creative journeys through guided meditation, Yoga Nidra and hypnotherapy. Your life is filled to the brim, these journeys are brief so that they can easily fit into your schedule while also providing maximum results.

This is a fun, creative and empowering journey into a fresh way to approach your meditation practice, you'll go deeper and to more profound levels than you thought possible. Whether you are new to meditation, or an expert you'll experience amazing results.

Most meditation and hypnotherapy sessions focus on using language that prevents you from going to your deepest depths. I'm offering journeys with optimized language, and neuroscience as a base. Which means you'll propel into the depth of your subconscious in a safe, healing and replicable manner. I wanted to offer you an organic and fluid journey, that though brief will feel quite significant.

Your subconscious mind responds to images, sensations, and symbols. I've created this training to help you gain more confidence, grace, and ease when it's your turn to lead.

I give you lots of variations and styles, to keep your subconscious mind engaged, and increase the benefits. I also explain a bit about each style, so that you walk away empowered knowing the what, the why, and even the how.

During these 10 days, I’ll guide you through this powerful and mindful journey —in less than 30 minutes per session, every day—so you’ll have plenty of time for all the adulting that you have to do.

Every day I offer you a new meditation, to build your subconscious foundation, detox & cleanse your limiting beliefs, and help you find the inner confidence and self-worth to rock your innate confidence to share your magic, passion, or gifts.

Equipment and Requirement:
Find a nice quiet space in your home, grab as many props or anything else you may need to get comfortable and cozy.

10 Journeys
1 Guided Imagery Session
1 Yoga Nidra Meditation
7 Guided Chakra Meditations
1 Hypnotherapy Session

Each journey is 7-23 minutes and gives the results of 60 minutes or more of meditation.

Stardust Guided Imagery - This practice is to serve as a foundation and to remind you, you've already had one major success, you just don't know it yet. This will revolutionize your practice, clear out pain and strain surrounding whether you are deserving or have value, instantly!

Yoga Nidra Meditation - This practice serves the purpose of balancing the 5-bodies to bring equanimity back in. Balancing the physical, energetic, mental, spiritual, and bliss bodies allows you to create space for more abundance, and living more authentically.

Root Chakra Meditation - This practice strengthens your connection and sense of belonging. When you are rooted, it's easier to bloom. From a strong foundation, you can thrive.

Sacral Chakra Meditation - This practice helps unlock your creative potential. You'll find your creative core and feel more secure with your personal identity in this world.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation - This practice will fortify your inner fire, and help you see clearly your value and the gifts that you have to share. It's time to create space to manifest!

Heart Chakra Meditation - This practice allows you to heal your heart, and release those feelings of hurt and disappointment. A strong heart is a courageous heart and gives you the gift of being able to create the space to shine and bring your strongest self forth.

Throat Chakra Meditation - This practice gives you a megaphone of compassion to share your truth, communicate effortlessly and express your creativity. It's time to share your gifts with the world.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation - This practice reinforces your ability to trust your intuition. Your intuition will guide you on your path toward sharing your gifts more freely and authentically. It's time to trust that you know where you need to go.

Crown Chakra Meditation - This practice will connect you to the divine whether that means god, the universe, your higher self, or something you believes extends beyond you. Creating this opening allows you to freely channel your gifts from a place of awareness.

Hypnosis for Confidence - This practice is to fortify your strengths, your gifts, and your confidence. In this final journey, you'll be prepared to go from imagining to doing!

In our meditation and hypnotherapy sessions, I’ll bring you all my deepening techniques, language optimization and knowledge of neuroscience to take you to your deepest depths, plus my 20 years of experience guiding the conscious and subconscious mind all over the United States, to these classes, which You’ll end each practice feeling strong and refreshed like you can take on the world, and your subconscious will agree.

Let’s do this!

Thea Pueschel, C.Ht E-RYT500

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Hypnosis Chakra Cleanse

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