Plateau Buster

Plateau Buster

🔥 GET READY TO KICK YOUR ASANA! 🔥I've gotten so many requests for "what's next?" as a fitness challenge after my intermediate yoga and Yoga Shred® classes. Here's what's next:

This is the hardest, yoga + HIIT workout course I've ever made. Yet it's still joint-safer and accessible for strong beginners to advanced students and teachers, even if you have some limitations. This amount of challenge is only exclusively here in this Plateau Buster program.

And yes! You can do it if you can do my other Yoga Shred® classes, or if you have a regular yoga or fitness practice.

If you're looking to bust plateaus, and move to your next level of calorie burn, long, lean muscle tone and definition, fat burn, whole-body lifting, cardio, metabolism boosting, cellular repair and detox...then you're gonna LOVE this.

In this course, you'll unlock 8 of my hardest Yoga Shred® workouts. Keep them forever, and use one or more sessions weekly to ensure you're continuing to rock your best body ever -- at any age. I'm 47, and if I can do can.

DETAILS: Specifically, here are the classes you'll get!

8 Yoga Shred® Workout sessions, that range from 27-43 minutes long.

Each class begins with a yoga warm up, moves you through plateaus of intensity, then counter-stretching, and ends with a yoga stretch cool down sequence meant to target and release the muscles you worked during the class.

Classes include:









And what's even better--these aren't sessions you do once and you're done. They will give even advanced exercisers somewhere to go--and evolve--for many years to come. These will become an invaluable resource for you as you progress.

All you need to do this program is a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks and a chair or sturdy surface. I suggest (optional): 2 kettlebells, wrist weights or hand weights (you can even use water bottles), 2 ankle weights, and a bolster or sturdy cushion--if you're ready to provide more challenge.

But start where you are, how you are. Let's rock YOU to the next, most amazing shape of your life--inside and out.

See you there!
🔥 Sadie

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Plateau Buster

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    Welcome to the Plateau Buster Yoga + HIIT adventure and challenge with me!

    You've just unlocked 8 amazing (and amazingly fierce) Yoga Shred® workouts you can use anytime to gain in strength, tone, definition, cardio and leaning out your body.

    Since this is the most challenging course I've...

  • (PB) Total Leg & Booty Burn 36 mins

    PB: Total Leg & Booty Burn ~ Level up with this Yoga Shred® class that targets whole leg + glutes lift, definition, strength and stretch! You'll rock all your standing poses so much more by adding this session into your routine. 🔥 PROPS FOR THIS CLASS: (All optional but helpful if you need more c...

  • (PB) Thigh & Arm Sculpt + Body Tune Up 31 mins

    PB: Thigh Sculpt and Body Tune Up ~ This next-level Yoga Shred® workout works your thighs, targeting the whole legs, with a focus on inner thigh strengthening. Add in the arms and a cleansing focus for a full inner and outer body tune up in just 30 minutes! Of course we add the arms and whole bod...

  • (PB) Waist Trainer: Sculpted Arms + Shoulders + Side Abs! 43 mins

    PB: Waist Trainer: Sculpted Arms + Shoulders + Side Abs! ~Get ready to challenge yourself, whittle your middle and bring that elusive sculpted look to your strong abs, arms, and shoulders. Lifts the chest, too! You'll move through some delicious spine and core stretches to ensure you're building...

  • (PB) Super Booty Lifter + Detox + Cardio 34 Mins

    PB: Super Booty Lifter + Detox + Cardio ~ Today's session will take your strength, stamina, and cleansing power to the next level, all while firming and lifting your glutes! Tone arms, abs, backside and legs as you amplify your detox ability through inversions and conscious exhales. Let's rock th...

  • (PB) Ultimate Fatburn and Cardio 40 mins

    PB: Ultimate Fatburn and Cardio ~ This challenging session will get--and keep your heart rate up so you can melt away excess body fat. These Yoga Shred® moves are designed to turn on your body's calorie and fat-burning mechanisms for up to 24 hours after your original workout! Enjoy!
    🔥 PROPS FO...

  • (PB) Turbo Belly Bonfire Core Strength! 37 mins

    PB: Turbo Belly Bonfire Core Strength! ~Your Core will be sore after this fun and fierce workout! Focus on your front and deep abs, while you amp up your cardio and fatburning capacity to reveal the muscle tone and work you're doing! Get ready to empower up! 🔥 PROPS FOR THIS SESSION: (All option...

  • (PB) Triple Booty Shred for Cute Glutes! 27 Mins

    PB: Triple Booty Shred for Cute Glutes ~ This workout triples down on all aspects of the glute, or booty muscles, as well as providing you a whole body transformation. You will build, lift, and firm your backside, a necessary counterbalance to all your core work. Let's get lifted! 🔥 PROPS FOR TH...

  • (PB) Toned Arms + Shoulders + Chest + Cardio 31 Mins

    PB: Toned Arms + Shoulders + Chest + Cardio ~ This session takes your whole body health and fitness up a notch, while tightening and lifting the muscles in your core, chest, arms & shoulders! That's a lot of transformation in just 30 minutes. Get ready to level up! 🔥 PROPS FOR THIS SESSION: (All...