The 30 Day Yoga Shred Body Miracle (TBT30)

The 30 Day Yoga Shred Body Miracle (TBT30)

(This is the TBT30 Course from my other courses site)

Challenge Description
This is a true Total Body Transformation! Together we can do it in just 30 days.

Whether you have excess weight to lose, or you want to boost your metabolism in order to stay fit and defined, these sessions will work better than hours at the gym or on the yoga mat.

I couldn’t lose those last 10 stubborn pounds until I stopped working out 2 hours a day and started working out 20 minutes a day. I also toned up and built lean muscle. This challenge is how I did it!

Days will alternate between Yoga Shred™ workout videos (A blend of Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training) and my favorite healthy recipes. Each Sunday, we will end the week with a yoga flow. Each day will take less than 25 minutes of your time and I sprinkled in motivational videos and content throughout to keep you going!

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The 30 Day Yoga Shred Body Miracle (TBT30)

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