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This section is for all the videos I've most recently created for you. More to come!

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  • Super Detox Slow Flow Yoga Class

    This class is slow flow but strong, and focused on giving you the 3 Detox Keys: Exhales, Twists, and Inversions. These work on moving toxins from your body, and freeing up the muscle tension & tight tissues around the filter organs and your digestive/elimination systems. You will also create move...

  • Yoga Shred for Whole Body Tune Up (Pre and Postnatal Focus)

    This Shred class is great for a whole body workout with less impact and abdominal stretch for those who are pregnant or working back into core strength/fitness post baby. Anyone can do this--I personally love it! xoSadie

  • Quick Yoga Shred® Class for: Whole Body + Arms, Abs, Glutes & Cardio! (20 Mins)

    🔥 Get ready to rock your body--and your arms, and core, and booty--and cardio to the next level, in just a few minutes! 🔥 I used my Bala Bangles on wrists and ankles for this workout: - highly recommended! They're chic and comfy and they make a big difference in your challenge...

  • Weighted Warrior Yoga Flow

    This empowering yoga flow class builds endurance using the Warrior asanas (poses) and optional hand and ankle weights to increase the challenge! Enjoy it, and let's rock your whole body tone, balance, grounding and core conditioning to the next level. xoSadie

  • Chest Lifter Heart Opener Yoga Shred from Fierce Over 40 Course!

    I had many requests for a chest lifter class for the ladies! Works for guys, too. It strengthens and opens both the upper back and chest evenly for better posture and a toned, lifted front body! I liked this one so much I added it to my new Fierce Over 40 course on Daily Om ( --which...

  • Sun Salutation Flow To Lengthen Any Practice (15 mins)

    This Sun Salutation flow sequence can be used on its own, or as a warm up before any other class on the Fit & Fierce Club! Extend the length of your practice anytime you want, get extra warm, and enjoy the moving meditation for all things bright and illuminating--like the sun. xoSadie

  • Yoga Shred for Adrenal Balance & Stress Relief

    This quick Yoga Shred® session is strong but loving! I designed it to balance the adrenal and endocrine system during a short but massive workout that ends with a restorative session afterward. It works to teach you to work out without burning out, and then deeply rest to target hormones for the ...

  • Yoga Flow For Sinuses, Head Colds & Immunity Boost!

    This yoga flow focuses on the lymphatic (cleansing) system, helps support and boost your immune system too, while working to clear sinuses, head and chest colds. It's a lighter intensity class that will feel nurturing whenever you want to drop in --and heal up!
    ♥️ Sadie

  • Post Yoga Shred Class Stretch Sequence 14 Mins

    Use this sequence after any Yoga Shred class --before your final resting pose. this 14 minute sequence is designed to open you up from the repetitive strength moves of your Shreds, so you can become long and strong, detoxed and fully balanced in your body & metabolism. Enjoy! Sadie

  • Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow 15 Mins

    Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow 15 Mins ~ Good morning! This sweetly fierce practice will help give you the benefits of a longer class in just 15 minutes. Get ready to gain instant energy, support your detox, and dissolve "the fuzz"-- muscle stiffness and connective tissue knitting that can happen over...

  • Firestarter Meditation for Quick Heating & Instant Energy!

    Get ready to instantly amplify your energy, while creating heat and core strength--in just a few minutes!

  • Yoga For Hormonal Balance (Peri, Menopause, Thyroid, Adrenals)

    If your hormones are out of balance because of stress, menopause, or any other reason, this slow flow and restorative yoga practice will support your balance and healing of the entire endocrine system (hormones) and beyond!

  • 3 Steps To Create An Amazing Online Subscription Studio

    ⭐️ 3 Steps To Create An Amazing Online Subscription Studio! This is a live chat with Vimeo filmed at an event for fitness and wellness online influencers --some with millions of fans, who wanted to know my top tips for creating my online Fit & Fierce Club (yoga, fitness and wellness pro tips chan...

  • Functional Yoga Flow: All Hip Strength & Stretch!

    Open your hips and find your bliss with this yoga flow class that warms, and guides you to deep flexibility in and around your hips! It's delicious!

  • Total Tune Up Shred

    This Shred will tune and tone your whole body incredibly in just 30 mins. Optional to take up the challenge level: wrist and ankle weights! Let's rock this!

  • 22 Min Down & Dirty Shred for Cardio Core & Glutes

    This Shred is short and....not so sweet! hehe. But it is fierce! 22 minutes will give you the whole-body fitness and strength of a much longer workout. That's the beauty of this yoga + HIIT style! Optional: grab 2 yoga blocks and kettlebells or hand/wrist weights if you have them --and let's beg...

  • How To Breathe In Yoga and Yoga Shred Classes

    "How should I breathe?" Is a question I get often from yoga and fitness students. Well, there are a few answers to that--and you'll have them all by the end of this video! Let me know what you think--and remember to B R E A T H E ! ♥️

  • Core Strength Empowerment Meditation

    Ignite your connection to your Core Strength and inner power right now with this short but powerful centering session! LAM VAM RAM is the mantra today!

  • An Awesome Meditation for Empaths

    This meditation for empaths provides an easy and instant way to withdraw from the stimuli of the world for a few minutes, so you can seal your energy, quiet your mind, and re-ground and recenter whenever you need it. Grab a light blanket or towel and meet me on the mat!

  • Success Salon: The Rockstar's Authenticity Toolbox

    Great for teachers and students alike, my Rockstar's Authenticity Toolbox is full of tools and techniques you can use, starting today, to become more empowered, clear about who you are, and directed to take the actions that will manifest your next level in all ways: career, money, relationships. ...

  • Eka Pada Koundinyasana (Arm Balance Prep & Mastery + Core Strength) Flow

    This fun and adventurous flow will give you an amazing yoga workout for your whole body--and you can work toward the arm balance eka pada koundinyasana. This practice includes bodyweight on wrists and shoulders, but you can skip the full move if needed. Enjoy the journey!


    This HIIT + Yoga flow is a challenging one! It’ll double down on creating fast lower body and glutes strength & tone. Get ready to get lifted! 🙌🏻🔥🙌🏻 Recommended: ankle weights!

  • Yoga Shred: Total Low Body Transformation!

    Get ready for a Shred that'll work and tone your legs, thighs, whole hips and glutes. It's a grounding and empowering yoga + HIIT combo that'll give you the results of working out for 2-4 hours in just about 30 minutes. Enjoy walking through the fire with me!

  • Physics Yoga Hack: Crow!

    Yoga Teachers & Students: You asked, I listened: Here's the first in my "Yoga Physics Hacks" series to help you more easily get into (or teach more effectively) some of the harder poses! What other asanas would you like me to unlock for you? 💗🔥💗