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Recently Added

This section is for all the videos I've most recently created for you. More to come!

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Recently Added
  • The Double Down Breath Meditation For Instant Calm And Better Sleep

    One Breath To Calm & Center You And Help You Sleep!

  • 1 Split Preparation + Leg & Glutes Sculpt Yoga Shred

    This One Session Will Shape And Strengthen Your Lower Body Like Nothing Else!

    Get ready for a warming, cardio-tastic and leg/thigh/booty-lifting, toning & shaping Yoga + HIIT class that will also properly heat your hamstrings and back body for far better forward-bending poses, splits and more...

  • Sleep Better Bedtime Yoga 17 Mins

    Ease your restless legs, balance energy and support your sleep! This short sequence is perfect for helping release anxiety and muscle tension, and gives you proven yogic techniques to help you sleep better and deeper. Enjoy!

  • Deep Conscious Core Flow For Beginners And Up

    Alternate Simple, Slow Flow & Faster Fierceness Moves To Build Total Core Strength. In this session, you'll move slowly, mindfully and pulse between the slower movements of yoga that give you stability and endurance, and the faster muscle action and fierce breath moves that lift, tone and define ...

  • Take A Flying Leap: 4 Steps To Fear Busting & Goal Crushing

    Here's an empowered teaching on why you resist your goals, what's holding you back, and how to reframe "moving forward!" This is a profound teaching drawn from success and spiritual principles alike.

    Here you'll learn a simple 4-Step Process to help you know how--and when--to make your drea...

  • 360 Thigh Sculpt Yoga Shred + Cardio 34 Mins

    Work Your Legs & Thighs All The Way Around With This Empowering Yoga Shred. This workout is great for cardio, building heat, and focuses on working your whole legs, hips, core and glutes. Great for an overall Go-to Yoga Shred to balance your whole body. Enjoy!

  • Morning Yoga Wake Up Flow 15 Min

    Wake up right with a yoga flow you can do while still in bed or on a yoga mat! This will spark your energy and get your circulation going. It even gives you a nice little workout to start your day off on a healthy note.My legs were actually sore after this--enjoy! xo Sadie

  • 60 Minute Detox Rocks Special New Year Yoga Class!

    This Hourlong Flow Will Help You Cleanse & Clear Body & Mind For The New Year Ahead! This is a special class I designed to help you rock your transition into 2019--or anytime you want to re-align, re-fresh, and gain strength. CLASS DETAILS:
    This flow class begins with an intention-setting Gol...

  • Safer Knees In Pigeon Pose...And Beyond!

    Here's how to align and keep your knees safer & stronger in Pigeon Pose--and guidelines you can use to keep them safer in all your workouts and flows here with me.

    I’m an anatomy of movement expert who loves training you to make simple shifts when you move to save your joints.
    Follow my inst...

  • 1 Low Back Release And Repair Yoga Flow

    Release And Repair Your Low Back & Sacrum Curve With This Loving Yoga Flow.

    This session will teach you how to align your spine in any yoga pose or class, while you focus on moving slowly and mindfully--and in ways your sacrum and lower back needs to properly strengthen, stretch, and decompre...

  • The Breath Of Fire 4-Minute Core Strength Miracle

  • Whole Body Reshaper Yoga Shred for Weight Loss + Cardio

    Get ready to rock your whole body into shape with yoga flow + HIIT Training moves. Today has Hands-free variations for the Burpees, so you can get in your fitness and cardio without impacting the wrists/elbows/shoulders.

  • Boundary Setting Meditation

    Learn Two Ways To Set Powerful Boundaries And Free Yourself! Bring in the teaching of Nataraj --and learn that your ability to be contained, energetic, and creatively free comes from learning when to deny negativity and say No, and when to allow good things in and say Yes. This ritual meditation ...

  • Splits Preparation Slow Flow Yoga Stretch

    This Flow Will Get You Closer To The Splits Than Ever! Learn to stretch safer and more effectively--wherever you are now in your Split practice and/or back body opening. NOTE: Be VERY warm before attempting this practice. A hot shower or bath first or a good Shred or yoga workout is perfect. Try ...

  • Total Core Burn Yoga Shred® 30 Mins

    Get Ready To Spark A Belly Bonfire With This All-Core Yoga + HIIT Practice!

    Today I target the whole abs, spinal core, arms and more with a total focus on developing quicker core strength.

    This 30 Minute practice is like doing 2-4 hours of regular core work, thanks to the timing, and the f...

  • Strong & Sexy Shoulders Yoga Flow 33 Mins

    Save Your Shoulders While You Strengthen Them!

    The shoulders are one of the first joints to strain in yoga practice. The reason for this is often bad instructions and then repetitive poses and movements that can injure or strain your shoulder joints/girdle.

    Luckily, this flow is here to s...

  • Anatomy Tutorial: Save Your Shoulders In Dog And All Your Poses

    Get Ready To Learn Tools To Save Your Shoulder Joints From Pain & Strain In All Your Yoga Poses!