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Recently Added

This section is for all the videos I've most recently created for you. More to come!

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  • Ninja Yoga Stretch Sequence

    Inspired by martial artists and yogis, this will deep stretch your balance and power centers: feet, Legs, Hips and Core!

    Get ready to go deeper and open up new energy and flexibility in this one class.

    NOTE: Cold muscles don't stretch--they just pull on your joints, so please be very warm...

  • Airplane and Travel Yoga Stretch!

    Here's A Quick Travel Sequence That Works Incredibly Well On A Plane Or A Hotel Room! Strengthen and open your body, detox and energize in an airplane seat, at a hotel, in your office chair, or anywhere you need a fast reset but don't have a lot of room!

  • FCC Twisted Running Plank Burpees

    A Yoga Shred® Move To Tone Whole Body, Side Abs + Cardio! Insert this Shred into your regular workout to boost your cardio and whole body tone with a focus on arms, abs, thighs and glutes!

  • FCC Twists Of Fire Chair Burpees

    A Yoga Shred® Move To Tone Your Whole Body + Cardio! Insert this Shred into your regular workout to boost your cardio and whole body tone with a focus on arms, abs, thighs and glutes!

  • FFC Twists Of Fire Temple

    A Yoga Shred® Move To Tone Legs, Glutes & Abs! Insert this Shred into your regular workout to boost your cardio and whole body tone with a focus on side abs, thighs and glutes!

  • Empath Energy Boundary Meditation

    Create A Boundary Against Incoming Energies For Sensitive People! Empaths and healers can use this quick and easy meditation to keep yourselves grounded, balanced and clear!

  • Total Booty/Core Yoga Shred® Workout Flow

    This Sadie-Style Class Will Tone & Tune Your Core, Glutes & Whole Body! Join in this Yoga Shred® workout flow in the pace of my personal home practice. Let's get kickin'!

  • Creativity "Fire Igniter" Breath Meditation

    Here's How To Light Up Your Core Inspiration & Creativity, Fast! Join me for a breath and mudra power meditation to amp up your core, intention, and ignite your creative passions again!

  • Flying Pigeon Yoga Flow 40 Mins Int/Adv

    This flow is adventurous, with modifications for strong beginner to advanced students and teachers. It's an epic leg and hip opening strength, stretch--and super adventure arm balancing options all the way through. Have fun! xoSadie

  • Super Detox Rocks Yoga Flow

    Every Pose Counts--And Cleanses You--In This Open Level Detox Flow! Focus on what actually assists your body to clear out old heavy toxins and lighten up--exhales, twists, inversions and waves to stimulate blood flow, lymph flow, healing oxygen and more. This is an empowering and whole-body free...

  • Core & Arm Transformer Flow (with Headstand Prep) 34 Mins

  • Sadie's Shred Cardio Melt 34 Min Int/Adv

    Join Sadie For An Intense Shred Sequence In The Style Of Her Own Home Practice! NOTE: Any Shred class can be made more "advanced" by doing the moves faster and more explosively (in conscious alignment please!)--but this one goes in the style and speed of Sadie's actual home practice. Get ready to...

  • Third Eye & Crown Chakra Cleanse Magic Meditation

    This Meditation Provides Spiritual Protection, Deeper Meditation + A Higher Chakra Energy Cleanse!
    Helpful (optional) items to have:
    *Mugwort stick for smudging
    *Selenite stone
    *A Candle
    The Mantras OM and HUM are used for this one!

  • 30 Min Whittle Your Middle Yoga Shred

    This Yoga Shred® Yoga + HIIT workout targets the side abs and arms. It rocks!

    I recommend: Have a yoga block and a blanket nearby.

    And get ready to flow and work your arms, side abs, whole core, outer and inner thighs. This is your side and inner body line, and you will gain so much stabi...

  • Strong Core Open Heart Meditation

  • Instant Focus Third Eye Clearing Meditation

    This Will Cleanse Negative Mental Energy And Broaden Your Perspective! Get ready to work into the Third Eye, a center of psychic wisdom, and a higher view on whatever challenges you have. A blocked 3rd will cause you to have fear-based tunnel vision, and not see the options you DO have to move f...

  • Anatomy Tutorial: Get Into The Splits Faster!

    One Move To Fast-Track You Into The Splits And Leg Flexibility! This is Gateway Lunge, and it's going to support your legs to open in the right way to help with attaining the splits, forward bends, less back pain--and more!

  • Arm Bind For Freedom Yoga Flow Intermediate / Advanced Level

    This Yoga Flow Will Strengthen You And Teach You Arm Binding In A Whole New Way!

    Great for strong beginners to advanced students, this flow warms and strengthens your arms, and whole body --and then works you into half and full binds, Have fun with the adventure!

  • Soul Fuel Bath Meditation

  • The Super Stress Relief Aromatherapy Bath Ritual/Meditation

    Here's How To Dissolve Stress & Amplify Your Calm Incredibly During Just One Bath!

    This bath ritual/meditation provides spiritual protection, blocks stress + increases a calm state of body/mind.
    Helpful (optional) items to have:
    *Palo santo wood for smudging
    *mesh bag or teabag
    *A can...

  • Yoga Shred Handstand Prep + Arms Abs Glutes Cardio Int/Adv 25 Mins

    This Yoga Shred Class Will Sculpt Arms, Abs, Glutes + Strengthen You For Handstands & Arm Balances!

  • Handstand Preparation + Whole Body Tone Yoga Flow

    This Yoga Flow Will Teach You The Foundations Of Handstand In A Whole New Way + Whole Body Tone!

    Whether you're new to handstands, are frustrated by your progress in them or are a handstand pro, this one yoga class will not only strengthen and tune up your whole body/mind, it will teach you b...

  • Core Strength Transformer Flow (Intermediate/Advanced 34 Mins

    Super Tone Your Whole Body And Core With This Adventurous Flow! Great for Intermediate to advanced students, or strong beginners willing to modify, this Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga class leads you through some targeted and fun moves for holistic core strength. You'll tone and build endurance in th...

  • 40 Minute Super Sun Salutation Heart Open Core Strength Flow