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YS Sadie's Yoga Shred® Cardio Melt 34 Min Int/Adv

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Y Core & Arm Yoga Flow (with Headstand Prep) 34 Mins

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  • YS Sadie's Yoga Shred® Cardio Melt 34...

    Join Sadie For An Intense Shred Sequence In The Style Of Her Own Home Practice! NOTE: Any Shred class can be made more "advanced" by doing the moves faster and more explosively (in conscious alignment please!)--but this one goes in the style and speed of Sadie's actual home practice. Get ready to...

  • M Third Eye & Crown Chakra Cleanse Ma...

    This Meditation Provides Spiritual Protection, Deeper Meditation + A Higher Chakra Energy Cleanse!
    Helpful (optional) items to have:
    *Mugwort stick for smudging
    *Selenite stone
    *A Candle
    The Mantras OM and HUM are used for this one!

  • YS 30 Min Whittle Your Middle Yoga Shred

    This Yoga Shred® Yoga + HIIT workout targets the side abs and arms. It rocks!

    I recommend: Have a yoga block and a blanket nearby.

    And get ready to flow and work your arms, side abs, whole core, outer and inner thighs. This is your side and inner body line, and you will gain so much stabi...