Watch this video and more on The Fit And Fierce Club

Watch this video and more on The Fit And Fierce Club

Meditation Shine On for Empowerment

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  • Hands Free Yoga Shred For Legs + Core...

    By request! If you have wrist, elbow or shoulder issues, or just want to rest your arms today--this whole-body sculpting Shred Sequence is for you!

    Get ready to rest out your arms and hands, all while getting the full-body toning, cardio amping, leg/glute-shaping and core strengthening workou...

  • Meditation For Reclaiming Feminine Power

    Here's A Powerful Inspiration On Why Feminine Power Is Equally Necessary & How To Increase It! Often, we go polar with negative aspects of masculine and feminine energy. Or people think masculine power is the only power we hold! Not so. Here's an orientation for how awesome positive feminine powe...

  • Total Restore Yoga Session 30 Mins

    Delicious Restorative Yoga Poses + Breath For Whole Body And Energetic Release.

    NOTE: In this class, you'll need 2-3 yoga blocks OR sturdy cushions/pillows/stack of blankets and a yoga bolster or larger cushion.
    NOTE: Please be warm before attempting this class, either by taking a hot bath o...