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This section is for all the videos I've most recently created for you. More to come!

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  • Soul Fuel Bath Meditation

  • The Super Stress Relief Aromatherapy Bath Ritual/Meditation

    Here's How To Dissolve Stress & Amplify Your Calm Incredibly During Just One Bath!

    This bath ritual/meditation provides spiritual protection, blocks stress + increases a calm state of body/mind.
    Helpful (optional) items to have:
    *Palo santo wood for smudging
    *mesh bag or teabag
    *A can...

  • Yoga Shred Handstand Prep + Arms Abs Glutes Cardio Int/Adv 25 Mins

    This Yoga Shred Class Will Sculpt Arms, Abs, Glutes + Strengthen You For Handstands & Arm Balances!

  • Handstand Preparation + Whole Body Tone Yoga Flow

    This Yoga Flow Will Teach You The Foundations Of Handstand In A Whole New Way + Whole Body Tone!

    Whether you're new to handstands, are frustrated by your progress in them or are a handstand pro, this one yoga class will not only strengthen and tune up your whole body/mind, it will teach you b...

  • Core Strength Transformer Flow (Intermediate/Advanced 34 Mins

    Super Tone Your Whole Body And Core With This Adventurous Flow! Great for Intermediate to advanced students, or strong beginners willing to modify, this Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga class leads you through some targeted and fun moves for holistic core strength. You'll tone and build endurance in th...

  • 40 Minute Super Sun Salutation Heart Open Core Strength Flow

  • Yoga Shred For Cardio + Wrist Strength / Less Strain 30 Mins

    * 2-3 Yoga Blocks Recommended For This Practice*

    Here'a A Whole Body Transforming, Cardio Amping Shred Class-That's Safer On The Wrists & Shoulders!

    Get ready to rock your body into some new moves using the block that are designed to be lighter on the wrists & shoulders, while strengtheni...

  • The 3 Step Physics Of A Truly Open Heart

    A Fierce Motivation—and some fun meditation or journaling homework —on the Physics Of Heart-Opening.

  • 35 Min Prenatal Core Strength + Hip Opening Yoga Flow

    This isn't just a prenatal yoga class--it's also a blueprint & training for how to navigate any class here at the Fit & Fierce Club! Main points you'll learn, along with this stand-alone session meant to center, strengthen and open you in all the right ways for pre and post-natal are:
    *A Birth...

  • Lightning Lunge 6 Minute Leg Warmup

    Warm Your Legs Fast & Tone Your Low Body + Glutes Too! This is great to insert into any practice--or use as a quick leg warm up before any Yoga Flow or Yoga Shred class here.


  • Meditation Shine On for Empowerment

  • Hands Free Yoga Shred For Legs + Core + Glutes 29 Mins

    By request! If you have wrist, elbow or shoulder issues, or just want to rest your arms today--this whole-body sculpting Shred Sequence is for you!

    Get ready to rest out your arms and hands, all while getting the full-body toning, cardio amping, leg/glute-shaping and core strengthening workou...

  • Meditation For Reclaiming Feminine Power

    Here's A Powerful Inspiration On Why Feminine Power Is Equally Necessary & How To Increase It! Often, we go polar with negative aspects of masculine and feminine energy. Or people think masculine power is the only power we hold! Not so. Here's an orientation for how awesome positive feminine powe...

  • Total Restore Yoga Session 30 Mins

    Delicious Restorative Yoga Poses + Breath For Whole Body And Energetic Release.

    NOTE: In this class, you'll need 2-3 yoga blocks OR sturdy cushions/pillows/stack of blankets and a yoga bolster or larger cushion.
    NOTE: Please be warm before attempting this class, either by taking a hot bath o...

  • Super Detox Twist Flow Yoga

    Cleanse & Strengthen With This Delicious Yoga Flow! Today's practice is all about revolved poses, gentle inversions, and deep breathing, all known to support your body to detoxify. You'll leave this practice feeling more clear and energized, inside and out!

  • 35 Min Upper Back/Chest Strength & Stretch Yoga Flow

    This Flow Will Open Your Heart And Strengthen Your Whole Back Body In Balance!

    Often, "email-asana", or the posture we develop from hunching forward at desks and in daily life can begin to take over. The head pitches forward, the shoulders round, chronic pain and fatigue arises, and your whole...

  • The Double Down Breath Meditation For Instant Calm And Better Sleep

    One Breath To Calm & Center You And Help You Sleep!

  • Split Preparation + Leg & Glutes Sculpt Yoga Shred

    This One Session Will Shape, Strengthen, And Stretch Your Legs Like Nothing Else!

    Get ready for a warming, cardio-tastic and leg/thigh/booty-lifting, toning & shaping Yoga + HIIT class that will also properly heat your hamstrings and back body for far better forward-bending poses, splits and ...

  • Sleep Better Bedtime Yoga 17 Mins

    Ease your restless legs, balance energy and support your sleep! This short sequence is perfect for helping release anxiety and muscle tension, and gives you proven yogic techniques to help you sleep better and deeper. Enjoy!

  • Deep Conscious Core Flow For Beginners And Up

    Alternate Simple, Slow Flow & Faster Fierceness Moves To Build Total Core Strength. In this session, you'll move slowly, mindfully and pulse between the slower movements of yoga that give you stability and endurance, and the faster muscle action and fierce breath moves that lift, tone and define ...

  • Take A Flying Leap: 4 Steps To Fear Busting & Goal Crushing

    Here's an empowered teaching on why you resist your goals, what's holding you back, and how to reframe "moving forward!" This is a profound teaching drawn from success and spiritual principles alike.

    Here you'll learn a simple 4-Step Process to help you know how--and when--to make your drea...

  • 360 Thigh Sculpt Yoga Shred + Cardio 34 Mins

    Work Your Legs & Thighs All The Way Around With This Empowering Yoga Shred. This workout is great for cardio, building heat, and focuses on working your whole legs, hips, core and glutes. Great for an overall Go-to Yoga Shred to balance your whole body. Enjoy!

  • Morning Yoga Wake Up Flow 15 Min

    Wake up right with a yoga flow you can do while still in bed or on a yoga mat! This will spark your energy and get your circulation going. It even gives you a nice little workout to start your day off on a healthy note.My legs were actually sore after this--enjoy! xo Sadie

  • 60 Minute Detox Rocks Special New Year Yoga Class!

    This Hourlong Flow Will Help You Cleanse & Clear Body & Mind For The New Year Ahead! This is a special class I designed to help you rock your transition into 2019--or anytime you want to re-align, re-fresh, and gain strength. CLASS DETAILS:
    This flow class begins with an intention-setting Gol...