Special Events

Special Events

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Special Events
  • Power Hour "Rock Who You Are" Cardio Core + Throat Chakra Flow & Meditation!

    I made you an epic Power Hour yoga class video you can keep and do forever. NOTE: This was a gift I gave to people who signed up for my music email list so on the honor system, I am giving it to you Fit & Fierce Club VIPs! If you can go sign up, that would rock! DETAILS⬇️

    Go to SadieNardini.com...

  • 60 Minute Detox Rocks Special New Year Yoga Class!

    This Hourlong Flow Will Help You Cleanse & Clear Body & Mind For The New Year Ahead! This is a special class I designed to help you rock your transition into 2019--or anytime you want to re-align, re-fresh, and gain strength. CLASS DETAILS:
    This flow class begins with an intention-setting Gol...