Yoga Flow Classes

Yoga Flow Classes

Yoga Flow Classes That Give You Twice The Results In Half The Time!

This is Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, a style I created for ANY style / level yoga student or teacher to enhance the anatomy + joint safety of your practice, so you can get stronger and more flexible, centered, grounded, core-centered and free--all with far less strain.

Here we focus on whole body core strength, myofascial (muscle-fascia) meridians that give you inner strength and outer lightness throughout your entire practice. We dive into outer (abs) and inner (spinal and pelvic core muscles) too--You'll be a ninja superhero after this!

This flow practice is creative, fun, empowering--and effective. It will activate more muscles per pose, and give you double benefits for every minute you spend on your mat! 25 minutes of CSV Yoga is like an hour of must regular yoga classes.

Have fun, work hard, flow organically--and enjoy the brand new YOU!

See you on the mat!

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Yoga Flow Classes
  • Yoga Flow Section Intro


    ⭐️ SOUND ON! ⭐️ Here's a Fire Dancing, Instant Empowerment + Cardio Core Yoga Flow I made you--to my own song! OMGGGGG! DETAILS ⬇️

    This is 4 minutes to spark your inner fire, tone the whole core, amplify your creativity and generally make you 100% THAT BITCH (that's a good thing). 🔥 Follow along...

  • Deep Body Clean & Hip Opening Yoga Flow

    This class will get you cleansing and strong/open in the hips with a sweet but deep clean class designed to tone your whole body. We focus on legs/hips/abs, and building endurance, heat and then safer, more open hips. Get ready to release some serious tension as you go with this flow! ❤️Sadie

  • Fierce Flying Flow Yoga (Strengthen For Arm Balances & Handstands Too!)

    This Fierce Flying Flow yoga class will help you build the strength and courage to rock your arm balances and inversions as it works out your whole body. Enjoy! xoSadie

  • Super Detox Slow Flow Yoga Class

    This class is slow flow but strong, and focused on giving you the 3 Detox Keys: Exhales, Twists, and Inversions. These work on moving toxins from your body, and freeing up the muscle tension & tight tissues around the filter organs and your digestive/elimination systems. You will also create move...

  • Sun Salutation Flow To Lengthen Any Practice (15 mins)

    This Sun Salutation flow sequence can be used on its own, or as a warm up before any other class on the Fit & Fierce Club! Extend the length of your practice anytime you want, get extra warm, and enjoy the moving meditation for all things bright and illuminating--like the sun. xoSadie

  • Weighted Warrior Yoga Flow

    This empowering yoga flow class builds endurance using the Warrior asanas (poses) and optional hand and ankle weights to increase the challenge! Enjoy it, and let's rock your whole body tone, balance, grounding and core conditioning to the next level. xoSadie

  • Yoga Flow For Sinuses, Head Colds & Immunity Boost!

    This yoga flow focuses on the lymphatic (cleansing) system, helps support and boost your immune system too, while working to clear sinuses, head and chest colds. It's a lighter intensity class that will feel nurturing whenever you want to drop in --and heal up!
    ♥️ Sadie

  • Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow 15 Mins

    Morning Wake Up Yoga Flow 15 Mins ~ Good morning! This sweetly fierce practice will help give you the benefits of a longer class in just 15 minutes. Get ready to gain instant energy, support your detox, and dissolve "the fuzz"-- muscle stiffness and connective tissue knitting that can happen over...

  • Yoga For Hormonal Balance (Peri, Menopause, Thyroid, Adrenals)

    If your hormones are out of balance because of stress, menopause, or any other reason, this slow flow and restorative yoga practice will support your balance and healing of the entire endocrine system (hormones) and beyond!

  • Functional Yoga Flow: All Hip Strength & Stretch!

    Open your hips and find your bliss with this yoga flow class that warms, and guides you to deep flexibility in and around your hips! It's delicious!

  • 24 Min Core Strength Empowerment Yoga Flow

    This is Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, a style I created for ANY style / level yoga student or teacher to enhance the anatomy + joint safety of your practice, so you can get stronger and more flexible, centered, grounded, core-centered and free--all with far less strain.

    Here we focus on whole b...

  • Eka Pada Koundinyasana (Arm Balance Prep & Mastery + Core Strength) Flow

    This fun and adventurous flow will give you an amazing yoga workout for your whole body--and you can work toward the arm balance eka pada koundinyasana. This practice includes bodyweight on wrists and shoulders, but you can skip the full move if needed. Enjoy the journey!

  • Arm Strength & Forearm Stand Yoga Flow

    A Flow Yoga Class With Forearm Strength & Balance Mastery! *NOTE: I added wrist weights: optional!* This fun and strong balance-focused flow class will prepare and open you for Forearm Stand, while toning and stretching your legs, core, chest, and arms. We end with a Forearm Stand practice built ...

  • Super Arm/Core Endurance Yoga Flow

    This Super Arm Endurance Yoga Flow + Wrist Weights (optional) is a fun, challenging slow flow class that moves you into more focus on the foundation of arm poses, longer holds on the arms, and super adventure side plank play as well as others. Many variations given for those building strength!

  • Spring Forward Yoga Flow

    Get Ready To Invigorate UP! This fun, energizing yoga flow calls in the deep earth and fire elements to help you get grounded, light your inner fire, and burn off old sluggish energies. Then you can fly even higher, and bloom.

    You'll spring forward in more ways than one with this true firesta...

  • Yoga Shred Ultimate Arm Strength and Stretch

    A Major Transformation For Arms & Abs!

    NOTE: I recommend you have a low stool, chair or other sturdy bench to hold onto for this one. If not, you can use the floor...This one workout will strengthen and deep-stretch your arms, chest and shoulders, in preparation for handstands and any arm-bal...

  • Yoga Stretch & Restore Flow For Empaths

    Protect & Cleanse Your Energy With This Restorative Yoga Flow! Especially great for empaths, people who tend to be sensitive to other people's energies. This restoring sequence is perfect on its own or as an ending to your regular workouts. Particularly great to lengthen the Yoga Flow For Empaths...

  • Balance Yoga Flow: Intermediate / Advanced

    Have fun taking your balance to the next level! These poses aren't overwhelmingly advanced, but the amount of control and flow it takes to balance them in this sequence is. You'll strengthen your lower body, core and endurance more in this 35 minute session than most classes do in an hour or more...

  • Yoga for Empaths

    If you're an empath, someone who feels energy deeply and needs to keep negative energy from entering your field, which can make you tired and even sick--this clearing & containing practice is for you! Do it as a solo session, or as a part of any other routine you love.

  • Deep Core Total Restore Stretch Sequence

    We work the Deep Core Line all the time here at the Club, Here's how to stretch it out fully for more power and lightness in all your poses.

    NOTE: Cold muscles don't stretch--they just pull on your joints, so please be very warm before you do this session: either do it after a heating yoga/mo...

  • Core & Arm Transformer Flow (with Headstand Prep) 34 Mins

  • Ninja Yoga Stretch Sequence

    Inspired by martial artists and yogis, this will deep stretch your balance and power centers: feet, Legs, Hips and Core!

    Get ready to go deeper and open up new energy and flexibility in this one class.

    NOTE: Cold muscles don't stretch--they just pull on your joints, so please be very warm...

  • Super Detox Rocks Yoga Flow

    Every Pose Counts--And Cleanses You--In This Open Level Detox Flow! Focus on what actually assists your body to clear out old heavy toxins and lighten up--exhales, twists, inversions and waves to stimulate blood flow, lymph flow, healing oxygen and more. This is an empowering and whole-body free...