Watch this video and more on The Fit And Fierce Club

Watch this video and more on The Fit And Fierce Club

Y RS Super Detox Slow Flow Yoga Class

Yoga Flow Classes • 35m

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  • Y WU Sun Salutation Flow To Lengthen ...

    This Sun Salutation flow sequence can be used on its own, or as a warm up before any other class on the Fit & Fierce Club! Extend the length of your practice anytime you want, get extra warm, and enjoy the moving meditation for all things bright and illuminating--like the sun. xoSadie

  • Y Weighted Warrior Yoga Flow

    This empowering yoga flow class builds endurance using the Warrior asanas (poses) and optional hand and ankle weights to increase the challenge! Enjoy it, and let's rock your whole body tone, balance, grounding and core conditioning to the next level. xoSadie

  • Y Yoga Flow For Sinuses, Head Colds &...

    This yoga flow focuses on the lymphatic (cleansing) system, helps support and boost your immune system too, while working to clear sinuses, head and chest colds. It's a lighter intensity class that will feel nurturing whenever you want to drop in --and heal up!
    ♥️ Sadie