Yoga Shred® (Yoga + HIIT)

Yoga Shred® (Yoga + HIIT)

These Fierce Yoga + HIIT Workouts Will Get You Fit, Faster Than Anything Else!

This is The Yoga Shred® - a yoga + High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style I designed to get you fit, faster, while actually enjoying it.

These flow classes, a mix of slow-twitch muscle stability yoga and fast-twitch whole body sculpting action, will kick your regular yoga or fitness practice into high gear.

You'll burn more fat and calories, lift and tune up your muscles and get deep anti-aging DNA repair as if you've worked out for 2-4 HOURS--in under 30 minutes. Thanks, Science!

I'm a joint, spine and movement anatomy specialist who is here to keep you stronger--and safer--than ever, while doing this signature fusion of yoga flow and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) moves, you're doing the best possible exercise there is:

We'll do yoga flow for balance, stamina, centering, flexibility and detox...and creative, fierce HIIT for all the cardio optimization, calorie and fat burn, lifted, toned muscles and deep DNA repair that yoga alone can't give you*.

* Modifications given for most levels and abilities *

Let's rock this together!

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Yoga Shred® (Yoga + HIIT)
  • Yoga Shred Section Intro From Sadie

    HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is the best exercise in the shortest amount of time if you want strength, cardio optimization (how well you intake and process oxygen), deep DNA anti-aging repair, calories and fat burned. HIIT also activates your fast-twitch muscle fibers,...

  • Sun Salutation Flow To Lengthen Any Practice (15 mins)

    This Sun Salutation flow sequence can be used on its own, or as a warm up before any other class on the Fit & Fierce Club! Extend the length of your practice anytime you want, get extra warm, and enjoy the moving meditation for all things bright and illuminating--like the sun. xoSadie

  • Yoga Shred for Adrenal Balance & Stress Relief

    This quick Yoga Shred® session is strong but loving! I designed it to balance the adrenal and endocrine system during a short but massive workout that ends with a restorative session afterward. It works to teach you to work out without burning out, and then deeply rest to target hormones for the ...

  • Post Yoga Shred Class Stretch Sequence 14 Mins

    Use this sequence after any Yoga Shred class --before your final resting pose. this 14 minute sequence is designed to open you up from the repetitive strength moves of your Shreds, so you can become long and strong, detoxed and fully balanced in your body & metabolism. Enjoy! Sadie

  • Total Tune Up Shred

    This Shred will tune and tone your whole body incredibly in just 30 mins. Optional to take up the challenge level: wrist and ankle weights! Let's rock this!

  • 22 Min Down & Dirty Shred for Cardio Core & Glutes

    This Shred is short and....not so sweet! hehe. But it is fierce! 22 minutes will give you the whole-body fitness and strength of a much longer workout. That's the beauty of this yoga + HIIT style! Optional: grab 2 yoga blocks and kettlebells or hand/wrist weights if you have them --and let's beg...

  • Quick Yoga Shred@ Class for: Whole Body + Arms, Abs, Glutes & Cardio! (20 Mins)

    🔥 Get ready to rock your body--and your arms, and core, and booty--and cardio to the next level, in just a few minutes! 🔥 I used my Bala Bangles on wrists and ankles for this workout: - highly recommended! They're chic and comfy and they make a big difference in your challenge...


    This HIIT + Yoga flow is a challenging one! It’ll double down on creating fast lower body and glutes strength & tone. Get ready to get lifted! 🙌🏻🔥🙌🏻 Recommended: ankle weights!

  • Yoga Shred: Total Low Body Transformation!

    Get ready for a Shred that'll work and tone your legs, thighs, whole hips and glutes. It's a grounding and empowering yoga + HIIT combo that'll give you the results of working out for 2-4 hours in just about 30 minutes. Enjoy walking through the fire with me!

  • Total Booty/Core Yoga Shred® Workout Flow

    This Sadie-Style Class Will Tone & Tune Your Core, Glutes & Whole Body! Join in this Yoga Shred® workout flow in the pace of my personal home practice. Let's get kickin'!

  • Kettlebell Yoga Shred® Whole Body Flow!

    Take Your Yoga Shreds to the next long, lean, muscle-sculpting level with some added light weights like Kettlebells (1-5lbs), light hand weights, cans of soup--whatever you've got.

  • Triple Booty Shred® With Optional Ankle Weights

    Use ankle weights (or not!) to kick your asana into high gear with this all-booty strengthening and lifting Yoga Shred® sequence!

  • Kettlebell Yoga Shred® for Arms and Abs + A Purse!

    Add Weights To Your Yoga Shred And Boost Your Results! This is the flow that made my whole body sore for two days--it works like a charm to bust strength plateaus that can happen from doing the same yoga or workouts for a while. Grab a purse or a bag with a strap, and two kettlebells, hand weight...

  • Cardio Core Yoga Shred 33 Mins

  • 25 Min Yoga Shred Asana Kicking Metabolism Booster Flow

    This is a Yoga Shred® flow, a style I designed to kick your asana, or whole body sculpting, and even your regular yoga or fitness practice into high gear. You'll burn more fat and calories, lift and tune up your muscles and get deep anti-aging DNA repair as if you've worked out for 2-4 HOURS--in ...

  • 30 Min Whittle Your Middle Yoga Shred

    This Yoga Shred® Yoga + HIIT workout targets the side abs and arms. It rocks!

    I recommend: Have a yoga block and a blanket nearby.

    And get ready to flow and work your arms, side abs, whole core, outer and inner thighs. This is your side and inner body line, and you will gain so much stabi...

  • Yoga Shred Handstand Prep + Arms Abs Glutes Cardio Int/Adv 25 Mins

    This Yoga Shred Class Will Sculpt Arms, Abs, Glutes + Strengthen You For Handstands & Arm Balances!

  • Sadie's Shred Cardio Melt 34 Min Int/Adv

    Join Sadie For An Intense Shred Sequence In The Style Of Her Own Home Practice! NOTE: Any Shred class can be made more "advanced" by doing the moves faster and more explosively (in conscious alignment please!)--but this one goes in the style and speed of Sadie's actual home practice. Get ready to...

  • Hands Free Yoga Shred For Legs + Core + Glutes 29 Mins

    By request! If you have wrist, elbow or shoulder issues, or just want to rest your arms today--this whole-body sculpting Shred Sequence is for you!

    Get ready to rest out your arms and hands, all while getting the full-body toning, cardio amping, leg/glute-shaping and core strengthening workou...

  • Yoga Shred For Cardio + Wrist Strength / Less Strain 30 Mins

    * 2-3 Yoga Blocks Recommended For This Practice*

    Here'a A Whole Body Transforming, Cardio Amping Shred Class-That's Safer On The Wrists & Shoulders!

    Get ready to rock your body into some new moves using the block that are designed to be lighter on the wrists & shoulders, while strengtheni...

  • Split Preparation + Leg & Glutes Sculpt Yoga Shred

    This One Session Will Shape, Strengthen, And Stretch Your Legs Like Nothing Else!

    Get ready for a warming, cardio-tastic and leg/thigh/booty-lifting, toning & shaping Yoga + HIIT class that will also properly heat your hamstrings and back body for far better forward-bending poses, splits and ...

  • 360 Thigh Sculpt Yoga Shred + Cardio 34 Mins

    Work Your Legs & Thighs All The Way Around With This Empowering Yoga Shred. This workout is great for cardio, building heat, and focuses on working your whole legs, hips, core and glutes. Great for an overall Go-to Yoga Shred to balance your whole body. Enjoy!

  • Whole Body Reshaper Yoga Shred for Weight Loss + Cardio

    Get ready to rock your whole body into shape with yoga flow + HIIT Training moves. Today has Hands-free variations for the Burpees, so you can get in your fitness and cardio without impacting the wrists/elbows/shoulders.

  • Total Core Burn Yoga Shred® 30 Mins

    Get Ready To Spark A Belly Bonfire With This All-Core Yoga + HIIT Practice!

    Today I target the whole abs, spinal core, arms and more with a total focus on developing quicker core strength.

    This 30 Minute practice is like doing 2-4 hours of regular core work, thanks to the timing, and the f...