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YS Yoga Shred: Total Low Body Transformation!

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YS Quick Yoga Shred® Class for: Whole Body + Arms, Glutes & Cardio! (20 Mins)

Yoga Shred® (Yoga + HIIT) • 20m

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  • YS Yoga Shred: Total Low Body Transfo...

    Get ready for a Shred that'll work and tone your legs, thighs, whole hips and glutes. It's a grounding and empowering yoga + HIIT combo that'll give you the results of working out for 2-4 hours in just about 30 minutes. Enjoy walking through the fire with me!

  • YS Total Booty/Core Yoga Shred® Worko...

    This Sadie-Style Class Will Tone & Tune Your Core, Glutes & Whole Body! Join in this Yoga Shred® workout flow in the pace of my personal home practice. Let's get kickin'!

  • YS Kettlebell Yoga Shred® Whole Body ...

    Take Your Yoga Shreds to the next long, lean, muscle-sculpting level with some added light weights like Kettlebells (1-5lbs), light hand weights, cans of soup--whatever you've got.