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YS Low Belly Tone Yoga Shred® and Stretch!

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YS Asana Kicking 🔥Metabolism Turbobooster Yoga Shred!

Yoga Shred® (Yoga + HIIT) • 24m

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  • YS Low Belly Tone Yoga Shred® and Str...

    OOOOOOH! This one's a real blaster! 🔥 Get ready to flow and ignite some power and strength in your whole body, with a focus on cardio and low belly toning! This area is challenging to keep fit, and yet--we will, together, today! Enjoy! xoxoSadie

  • YS No Wrist Bend Yoga Shred® Class!

    This Yoga Shred® workout is done entirely with no bending of the wrists, for those who have wrist strain/injuries or just want to let the wrists rest while you get the same full-body amazing results of any Shred class. Enjoy! xoSadie

  • YS Super Arm Strength Cardio Core Shred

    This Shred is challenging and sculpting for the arms, and will lean out your whole body, and optimize your cardio too. I used two 3 lb hand weights and 5 lb ankle weights for this one. As always here with me, you can use weights or not. Enjoy! xoSadie