Watch this video and more on The Fit And Fierce Club

Watch this video and more on The Fit And Fierce Club

YS No Wrist Bend Yoga Shred® Class!

Yoga Shred® (Yoga + HIIT) • 22m

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  • YS Super Arm Strength Cardio Core Shred

    This Shred is challenging and sculpting for the arms, and will lean out your whole body, and optimize your cardio too. I used two 3 lb hand weights and 5 lb ankle weights for this one. As always here with me, you can use weights or not. Enjoy! xoSadie

  • YS Chest Lifter Heart Opener Yoga Shr...

    I had many requests for a chest lifter class for the ladies! Works for guys, too. It strengthens and opens both the upper back and chest evenly for better posture and a toned, lifted front body! I liked this one so much I added it to my new Fierce Over 40 course on Daily Om ( --which...

  • YS Yoga Shred for Whole Body Tune Up ...

    This Shred class is great for a whole body workout with less impact and abdominal stretch for those who are pregnant or working back into core strength/fitness post baby. Anyone can do this--I personally love it! xoSadie